Brave Like an Arrow

NEW RELEASE June 5th!!!


Liz Graham's Third release contains 10 new songs and a sea shanty. Tracks 3 & 7 features SPECIAL guest Artist Lisa Dewey on background vocals. Tracks 4 & 10 Produced and Performed by Paul Logus. All other tracks Produced, Performed and Mixed by Grammy winning Studio Engineer Larry Alexander. All tracks Recorded, Produced and Performed by Liz Graham.


Together, Forever as safe my friends- soon we will all be able to sing and dance together in the sun ☀️ 

"I couldn't believe that words could rhyme and tell a story. It literally felt as if my world went from black & white to color." - Liz Graham 

ASCAP Award-winner, chart-topper, over 100,000 copies sold, singer, songwriter, musician, poet; all of these things describe the results, works, and talents of one, Liz Graham. 

From the quaint town of Nyack, NY, Liz Graham’s passion for words and music were inspired by the discovery of an old poetry book unearthed at a local book fair. The book, Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses", would forever change her sensibility. 

With a sound that some say draws comparisons to such artists as The Cranberries- but truth is Graham’s infectiousness, much like her musical passion, comes from her own volition.  
Graham’s eponymous CD was released internationally by Tangible Music (MCA), and went on to sell over 100,000 copies. Graham charted on CMJ, Top 10 Women’s radio, and Top 10 Music in the UK & Japan. Subsequently, she was offered several major label deals, but opted to remain independent.

Since that time, Liz Graham has not only built an amazing career, but she has also explored her talents beyond the confines of her earlier folk rock genre by singing the techno song, “Daylight” for the DreamWorks Pictures thriller, "The Fifth Estate".