February 20, 2021- Liz Graham’s latest single will make you wish she was your friend in real life. It is tempting to interpret the title Liz Graham’s latest album, Brave Like An Arrow, as a declarative statement, suggesting a return to form mentally, but that’s just an assumption. What is clear is that “Rainy Day Friend,” the album’s first single does a great job of highlighting the roots-folk pop nuances of Graham’s signature style.

I often wonder what’s behind the words of a song. Most lyrics have some sort of meaning. I love when a story teller musician shares personal things. Liz Graham does just that. Take a listen to her new CD and let me know what you think! - IIana Rapp

Relaying your intense, socially significant emotions through your powerful and meaningful words and music can be a daunting prospect for those naturally introverted people who have never had the confidence to truly express their true feelings to their world.

"When art meets the airwaves this is what you gain. Beauty in melody. Liz Graham has created a hit making moment. Her gifts of songwriting are renowned through out the world and she has once again created a masterpiece."

In a world filled with doubt and unsettled feelings the music of sultry, singer/songwriter Liz Graham has become a true beacon of hope. With a sound that some say draws comparisons to such artists as Sheryl Crow and The Cranberries. But the truth is Graham’s infectiousness, much like her musical passion, comes from her own volition. - James Wood

"Liz Graham delivers powerfully over this perfectly-assembled tune."

"This track has a medley that is purely beautiful poetry. Her music is influenced by a hearty mix of folk and rock music. You can hear the influences of artists like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin."

"Not afraid to ponder the darkness, Graham’s work seeks to live in the light."

"A catchy adult contemporary track, “Charcoal on a Canvas” will no doubt please lovers of the genre. It certainly has a certain sticky factor to it and will make a strong addition to any playlist to be used during a weekend get-together."

"With a style that recalls Natalie Merchant and Sheryl Crow and a voice reminiscent of Alanis Morissette, Graham is a driving force in the independent music scene"

"The song describes Graham’s efforts to break down the walls built by a frightened, distrustful lover. It is a familiar theme that many can relate to, and Graham’s allegorical exploration of the subject is an intriguing rebellion against lyrical clichés."

"The choice showcases Graham’s deft touch and quality ear, something she has no doubt gained in her years opening for the likes of Richie Havens and Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane), as well as performing at Lilith Fair in the late nineties and early aughts."

"Graham utilizes a poet’s deft touch in the lyrics, and her voice falls upon your ears like snowflakes on the surface of a pond."

"...her voice has the strength of female folk singers such as Joni Mitchell and Natalie Merchant"

"There’s a rich helping of Joni Mitchell as well as Eric Clapton that make this adult contemporary song both folky and very much soft rock. This song is only a snippet of what this experienced, high selling, multi-talent is capable of, but it’s a great snippet."

"Her knack for combining emotionally driven lyrics that pierce the soul with Joni Mitchell-esque folk/rock stem from the tragic loss of her brother".

"Damaged is filled with talent, craft and personal truth."

"I’m a sucker for emotional/acoustic vocal songs so this one hits home. Graham’s voice is warm and her words are poetic"

"Graham is showing us she can do just about anything."

"Suffice it to say, Graham is not your typical artist".

"Clever word usage by Graham makes the message of the song hard to ignore."

"Her voice is heavenly"

"Her music resonates with listeners for many reasons, especially in its honesty, its realism, its power."

"The concepts for your music videos "Charcoal on a Canvas" and "Damaged" that are presently out are really cool"

"Graham shows us it’s okay; even though we’re damaged, everything will be all right."

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