YOUR NAME HERE is a rollercoaster ride through one's emotions...”



HP: Hi Liz, I just listened to 'Your Name Here', which will be released on April 14, 2017. Pre-orders are happening now and there are also two tracks 'Where You Are' and American Girl' that are available now as instant gratification tracks. The EP is Outstanding. Bravo. A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE THROUGH ONE'S EMOTIONS. It blows my mind that you played all of the instruments, engineered and produced the EP. Really adds meaning to the word Indie.  
 I loved your last LP, 'Damaged' which was the name of your third track from the LP. How did you come up with the title for your new EP, what does it mean to you and what will a music enthusiast expect to hear from you?  

LG: Throughout the years after horrible breakups, lukewarm breakups, DOA breakups, I have gotten a little silly by writing on my arm, with a marker 'Your Name Here' inside a red broken heart. With my new LP 'Your Name Here' I am saying that I have put everyone else first throughout my life and now I am playfully acknowledging that it is MY TIME to be present. If you were to look closely at my arm tattoo on the cover for the EP you will see 'Your Name Hear'. Basically just poking fun at how we can be intimate with people and still not listen or even know that person. On this new EP you will hear my usual singer-songwriter, rocky, punky, jangly tunes with More wordplay and Less bullshit as in the lyrics for 'American Girl ". Yeah- I LOVE my country I am so proud to be an American but seriously folks we need to kick some butt and be the strong united positive country that so many of us have given our hearts and lives for.  

HP: Several of the songs from 'Your Name Here' have been released as singles. How were they received?  
LG: 'American Girl' is selling like crazy in Mexico and Poland. 'Time out' was big in GB and was on the 2016 top 100 singles chart. 'Damaged' (acoustic version) seems to be an American favorite. Speaking of which- Americana Music has become very popular in China and "Damaged (Acoustic Version) will be the first track to be released in China (as part of a compilation) through the record label, Ultimate Music. Apparently, all music is listened to on mobile devices in China and the project will be available by Handset companies XiaoMi, Samsung, Meizu, and Coolpad and we are talking about one billion plus customers. Very exciting times.  

 HP: Liz, it is legendary that you turned down several major label music business deals- why did you do that? Isn't a record deal every musician's dream come true?  
LG: I have always been wary of the word and the world of 'Music Business'. I need to be involved in the word, world, and business of 'Music Creative'. After all music, words songs all come from the creative process- not from a board room. Always made sense to me. I'm a very independent woman, therefore, being an indie musician means I am free to choose the high road (not letting McDonald's use my tune for a commercial- I'm a Vegetarian) or the low road (letting McDonald's use my tune for a commercial) if I were locked into a 'deal' I would not be able to choose where or how my music is used. I'm also 99% sure- due to my rebel nature I would be in a landfill somewhere in Jersey while my song was being heard at your local mall or better yet at McDonald's.  

HP: What is your most secret musical unfulfilled fantasy to date?  
LG: I would love to put together a 'Super Band' with Michael Steele, Ann Wilson, and Nancy Wilson and produce the project with all of these wise women.  

HP: Thank you, Liz, for taking the time to talk one last question- Will you be touring in the near future?  
LG: Yes, Justin I will be touring in the U.K. this summer and thanks for your fresh questions. I always appreciate a thoughtful interview.