"I couldn't believe that words could rhyme and tell a story. It literally felt as if my world went from black & white to color." - Liz Graham 

ASCAP Award-winner, chart-topper, songwriter, musician, poet; all of these things describe the results, works, and talents of Liz Graham. 

From the quaint town of Nyack, NY, Liz Graham’s passion for words and music was inspired by the discovery of a used poetry book from 1916 at a school fair. The book was Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses".

Graham’s eponymous CD was released internationally by Tangible Music (MCA). Graham charted on CMJ, Top 10 Women’s Radio, and Top 10 Music in the UK & Japan. Which subsequently led to a major label offer. In Graham's own words: “I was flattered in the sense that it was somewhat of an acknowledgment that my songs were viable on a commercial level but I was not interested in losing all creative control.” Since that time she has opted to remain independent and is happily producing, recording, and releasing new music for track placements on films, shorts, and television. 

Songs Published by Liz Graham Music (ASCAP) LizGrahamSongs@Gmail.com